Shock for jio Cinema..!? Is huge piracy happening..!?

Problems like piracy leaks continue to haunt the film industry. If the producers spend a lot of crores and make movies, some people keep leaking the scene photos from the movie and some people release the movie before the release of the movie. Situations have arisen where even hollywood producers can't do anything if films are made with thousands of crores. It has become a challenge for the law to catch those operating abroad. A situation arose where even the police could not do anything. It must be said that now this problem is spreading to OTTs.
Asur is the best thriller web series of Bollywood. The variety opened as a psycho thriller that linked the violence to the theory of karma in Puranas. The first season was well received. After a long gap, the second part was recently streamed on jio Cinemas. They started releasing one episode per day to that extent. But suddenly this series of 8 episodes appeared on the Telegram app. jio movie was shocked by this. Jio's team immediately released all the episodes of this series on its OTT platform. The jio team says they don't understand how they came out. A few days ago, some reviewers screened the entire Asur 2 online.
It is suspected that the content was leaked at that time. Usually in such premieres, all kinds of precautions are taken to avoid data leakage. However, if you come, you can understand the level of piracy team technology. Apart from movies, OTT platforms are also suffering from piracy.

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