Nikhil has been primarily concentrating on the pan-Indian market since karthikeya 2. Spy, his subsequent picture, fits into the same category. Spy has an intriguing setting since it centres on the unsolved murder of famed indian independence fighter Subash Chandrabose. On june 29, it is revealed that it would be released across all of India. However, there are questions around the movie's release date because the producers stopped promoting it after the teaser was released. There was no later release of advertising or attempt to make the release date more widely known.

This gave rise to rumours that Spy's publication had been delayed. people have noted that the lack of advertisements suggests that the movie has been delayed. Team Spy, however, cannot afford to delay the release, and there is a business-related rationale for this. The purchasers decided to pay a premium for the distribution rights to Spy, taking into account the film's 3-day opening weekend.

A mid-range movie like Spy will be impacted if the release date is postponed since it would lose out on the significant benefit of long weekend. As a result, the purchasers will reduce the rights' price. For the time being, the team has confirmed with that they are, in fact, on schedule to release on june 29. According to them, post production is now underway, and the release is proceeding as planned. This release announcement, however, can only be taken seriously if the advertising campaigns get underway quickly. For now, the release strategy continues to be questioned by the trade.

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