"Dangerous Message" Sent by Movies Like "Singham"..?

According to Justice gautam patel of the bombay High Court, the cinematic representation of a "hero cop" dispensing swift justice without regard for the rule of law, as seen in blockbuster films like "Singham," sends out a very harmful message. He questioned the public's "impatience" with the legal system while speaking at a gathering held by the indian police Foundation to commemorate both its annual day and police Reforms Day. Regarding police reforms, the judge noted that the Prakash Singh case ruling by the supreme court was a "opportunity missed" and that we cannot reform the legal system until we first reform ourselves.

"Judges are often portrayed in films as being timid, docile, wearing thick spectacles, and frequently dressed very poorly. They claim that courts pardon the guilty. Justice is delivered by the heroic police officer alone, he claimed. The climactic scene of the film Singham, in which the entire police force surrounds the politician played by Prakash Raj, demonstrates how justice has been done. However, I do wonder if it has," Justice patel said, adding that we ought to consider "how perilous that message is." "Why all the hurry? We have to determine whether or not it is guilty or innocent. These procedures take time because it is a fundamental principle that no one's freedom should be taken away, he expressed.

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