Director lokesh kanagaraj officially announced yesterday that he has started a production company called G Squad, and now the information about the hero of his company's first film is out.

Lokesh kanagaraj, who was a short film director, later made his debut as a director in tamil cinema with the film 'Managaram'. After this, he gave successive super hit films with lead actors like 'Kaithi', 'Master', 'Vikram' and 'Leo'. His recently directed movie 'Leo' starring Thalapathy Vijay was released amid huge expectations, although one section received a good response from the fans, while another section gave mixed reviews. But more than 550 crores was accumulated in collection.

The film was also streamed on the Netflix OTT platform last week and is getting a good response from the fans. While director lokesh kanagaraj has announced that he will direct only 10 films, he suddenly released information about his production company yesterday. While lokesh has announced that the production company has started to encourage the creativity of young directors, the information about the first film released by his company has now been revealed. Produced by Real Good Films, the young director-actor Vijayakumar, who made fans look back in his first film with Uriyadi, plays the hero. They have released a new poster and announced that the first look of this film will be released tomorrow at 6 pm. director Abbas is going to direct this film. It has been announced that Leon Brito will do the cinematography for the film with music by Govind Vasantha. Also, the information that Zee Squad has released a poster and announced that it is presenting the film is now going viral.

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