Bobby Deol has been receiving immense praise for his phenomenal performance in sandeep Reddy Vanga’s latest movie Animal. Headlined by Ranbir Kapoor, Animal has created history at the box office by becoming the biggest opener for a non-holiday release for a hindi film. Animal had grossed Rs 116 crore at the worldwide box office on its opening day.

Ranbir Kapoor and bobby Deol’s revenge drama revolves around a father and son’s toxic relationship. While anil kapoor plays the emotionally unavailable father, Ranbir plays his son. The film also features rashmika mandanna in the role of Ranbir’s wife, Geetanjali.

Though there was so much hype around Bobby’s character in Animal, to audiences’ disappointment the actor had limited screen time in the movie. Now, bobby has addressed the same in a new interview

“It’s not the length of the role, it is the kind of the character which has so much substance. I wish I had more scenes but when I signed the film, I knew this is what I had. At that point in my life, I was grateful to god that I was given this chance to play this role by Sandeep. I knew I had only 15 days of work and wouldn’t be there throughout the film. I was sure people would notice me, but I never realised that there will be so much love, appreciation and affection. It’s like wow! It’s amazing,” bobby told the news agency PTI in an interview.

Deol, however, believes there is potential for a spin-off on his Animal character. “People have loved the character so much that there should be a spin-off. It is so encouraging that people appreciate your work and they want to see more of you, playing that character. It feels good,” he added.

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