Varun Tej and Lavanya are in finland for their winter honeymoon. The young couple took a break from work and are currently on their first holiday since their november wedding. varun Tej and Lavanya are in finland for their winter honeymoon. Mega prince Varun Tej uploaded photos on social media of him and his better half enjoying the chill feelings in Finland's gorgeous winter wonderland. Mega fans are uploading photos of varun Tej and Lavanya as they are on their winter honeymoon in Finland.

Varun and Lavanya married in november after dating for several years. The pair exchanged vows in italy in front of their loved ones and relatives. Their wedding took place at a gorgeous villa, with actor nithin and others in attendance. They had a star-studded banquet in hyderabad three days after their wedding, with prominent tollywood stars and celebs in attendance. They also hosted a celebration for Lavanya's relatives and friends in Dehradun.

Varun Tej just wrapped production on his new film, Operation Valentine, in which he plays an indian Air Force commander. The movie was supposed to be released on december 8th, but it has been pushed back until next year. The production company has publicly said that the new release date will be revealed soon.

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