Actress devayani Farm House: devayani is the actress who has been acting in many films in the world of the 90s of the cinema world.

Actress Devayani, born in Maharashtra, made her debut in the screen world through bengali language films. After that, he made her debut in the tamil screen world through the film "Thotasinungi", starring karthi in tamil in 1995.

Following this, Prashant's "College Vasal" was a well -received, and the film "Kadai Fort", starring Thala ajith in 1996, gave Kamali a place where tamil cinema fans were not in the heart. The film was a super duper hit.

Devayani, who has been acting in tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, kannada and Telugu, has been famous for his role in more than 85 films. In 2001, the Kalaimamani Award was awarded by Devayani, who was married to director Rajakumaran.

There is also a Panny house in Anthiyur near Erode for the need to have a house in Chennai. Actress Devayani, who has raised and sells a variety of bouquets around the house, has made an arrangement for rain during the sun.

He has made a piping system such as rain in the yard when he puts a switch during the house during the house. Therefore, it can be used to get cold air at the time of the sun. Her husband Rajakumaran has said that the house is a 5 largest bedroom house and her own people will stay here during the holidays.

It is a farmhouse where sandalwood trees, beetroot and guava are rolled out in the rows of many fruits and flowers. devayani is currently working on Jaime Ravi's Geni movie

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