After the success of the Vadakkupatti Ramaswamy film, actor Santhanam's new movie has been released on the title and Burst Look.

Santhanam, who entertained the people through the Vijay tv show, was introduced as a comedian in cinema. At one time, the producers were unable to get Santhanam's call sheet. Semma was busy. At one point, santhanam stopped acting in comedy roles and decided to act as Nadicha Hero.

Although the films he starred in as the hero were initially welcomed, then it continued to fail. Subsequently, Santhanam, who gave a standard Kambakku with the film 'DT Ritons' last year, later starred in the Vadakkupatti Ramaswamy hit. The film was released a few weeks ago and flooded the people.

The announcement of the next film to play santhanam as the hero of the Vadakkupatti Ramaswamy film has now been released. Accordingly, anand Narayan will be directing the new film. He is the director of india Pakistan starring Vijay Antony. The film is being produced by madurai Anbucheliyan's daughter Shweta.

In this case, the title of the film and the Burst Look poster of the film is released today. Accordingly, the film is named Kingu. Commenting on this, kamal haasan posted in his X site: "I am happy to publish the name and poster of the new film starring Sushmita Anbu Seliyan, my beloved friend, Tower Films Anbu Seliyan, Thambi Santhanam."

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