The national leadership of the bharatiya janata party, which has been taking a wait-and-see attitude regarding power star and Jana Sena party president pawan kalyan on the potential coalition, is reportedly furious with him for enticing saffron party defectors into his party. A significant number of bjp members and leaders in various districts have left the party in the recent few days. They are all rumoured to be joining the Jana Sena party eventually.

The Jana Sena Party's senior leader and former state bjp president Kanna Lakshminaryana is being courted by party leaders from the bjp, and this has angered the bjp leadership. It's interesting to note that pawan kalyan just stated in Jagitial that he is still in an alliance with the bjp and that any future agreements with other parties depend on the circumstances surrounding the elections.

"Regardless of whether someone chooses to join forces with us, I won't let the anti-establishment vote split. I'm prepared to run for the next election on my own if no one joins me," he declared. The bjp leadership is enraged by this. While maintaining that the Jana Sena was still in partnership with the bjp, state bjp leader and mp G v L narasimha Rao said it was improper to harm the bjp by faking defections into the party. We won't be taking it easy, he declared, "but we will respond fiercely to the same."

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