Karnataka Elections: Why Yeddyurappa matters to BJP?P2

Why is Yeddyurappa significant to the bjp even after losing his cm position? Recognize the mathematical basis for Lingayat voting...

BS Yeddyurappa has re-established himself as a key figure for the bjp before the karnataka assembly polls.

Lingayat community angry with BJP?

Yeddyurappa was a member of the BJP's central core committee prior to the karnataka elections. The Lingayat group has pleaded with him not to harbour any resentment towards the bjp for trying to overthrow him. Yeddyurappa is receiving open praise from prime minister Narendra Modi, Union home minister amit shah, and Defense minister Rajnath Singh, who have made sure to ensure their attendance with him. According to sources, the bjp has realised that the Lingayat group is upset because Yeddyurappa was previously disregarded by the party.

Amaregouda Patil, senior congress MLA from Kushtagi in North karnataka, said, “It is impossible for the bjp to get back the lost ground now. bjp has finished Yeddyurappa. He resigned with a very sad heart. As an MLA, I can say that no other leader in bjp was abused like this. Now, they are back with him and are claiming that he is their leader. There is no question of Lingayat community voting for bjp because of Yeddyurappa being projected. How can they vote for BJP?'

To be continued in part 3...

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