“This is my last film as acting will not be right even after becoming a minister. I have given a promise to Mari Selvaraj," said Udayanidhi Stalin.

Speaking before the launch of the music and trailer launch of Udhayanidhi Stalin's 'Mamannan' directed by Mari Selvaraj at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai, stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin said, "I am acting for the first time in AR Rahman's music directed by Mari Selvaraj. By the way, this is my last film. Vadivelu played an important role in the film. Glad to have this film with a big team. What you expect from a Mari Selvaraj film is present in this film. We have decided to release the film on june 29.

A film produced by kamal haasan was to act. It will not be right if I go and act in films even after the minister gives me the responsibility. There is a lot of work. There are tasks. Expectations are building. Between various workloads, I have spared time for the dubbing and music launch of the film. As far as I know this will be the last film. Satisfied that it turned out to be a good film.

Mari Selvaraj and I talked a lot. Mari Selvaraj's politics is more in this film. The understanding between him and me has increased. He himself told me that if you do a film next, you should act in my direction. No film for the next 3 years. Not known after that. It is up to the people to decide. I have also promised Mari that if I act in the next film, I will act with you. |

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