According to party working president and minister KT Rama Rao, telangana chief minister and BRS supremo k chandrasekhar rao has given up trying to rally opposition parties against the federally-elected bjp and is now concentrating on presenting the "Telangana development model" to the nation. Rama Rao's remarks coincided with a number of initiatives taken by his father kcr to broaden the national appeal of his party BRS.

Speaking to reporters, ktr made a subtle reference to the bjp and prime minister Narendra Modi, saying that the country didn't require opposition unity based on blind animosity towards one group or individual, but rather on a good governance model. "What we are saying is that there is a huge void in this country, and after trying everything, after attempting everything, we have decided that a new national party (will be taken to the national level)." He said that the opposition to the principal had failed terribly.

In an effort to bring together non-BJP non-Congress parties, kcr had already met with a number of politicians, including several chief ministers of other states, including M K stalin (Tamil Nadu), nitish kumar (Bihar), and arvind kejriwal (Delhi). He said that both national parties had failed to advance the nation.

subsequently the announcement of his party's national foray (then TRS), kcr has spoken at three or four public gatherings in Maharashtra, and numerous politicians from the adjoining state have subsequently joined the BRS.

He claimed that the karnataka assembly election results did not represent a success for the congress but rather a rejection of the current administration.

KTR expressed confidence that BRS will form the government in the next assembly elections and predicted that the party will gain 90-100 seats in the 119-member House. His father would undoubtedly become the chief minister for a third time.

After listing the accomplishments of the BRS administration during the preceding nine years, he said that the kcr administration had demonstrated its superior performance.]

The BRS leader added that the 2016 implementation of demonetisation by the Modi government will be useless.

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