Many people value people based on their profession. Many people do careers that match their education and knowledge. Some who are denied opportunities end up doing jobs they don't like or find. Among them are sex workers. Mostly women do this work. None of them do this with an award. Many are caught in this industry as prisoners of circumstance. Even understanding this, many do not even respect them as human beings. international sex workers Day is observed on june 2 every year to emphasize the idea that sex workers should be treated like other workers and to change the way they are viewed as inferior.

On june 2, 1975, sex workers in the Lyon region of france started a small movement for their recognition. About 100 sex workers gathered at St. Nicer's church. The event was nationally popular and continued for eight days. The demonstration was held to protest against police repression and to insist that they should be treated as normal as others. Then the struggle ended. Although they were not recognized at the time, international sex workers Day is observed every year on june 2 to highlight the issues sex workers face and protect their rights.

Every country recognizes sex workers who are fighting for their rights. Last year, the supreme court ruled that sex workers in india should be treated with dignity like other workers and the police should not harass or take criminal action against willing sex workers. Even after this verdict, many sex workers in india are still suffering mentally and physically. The demand of the activists speaking in their support is that they should be respected as fellow human beings even if they are not respected as workers.

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