Assembly elections are going to be held in rajasthan by the end of this year. Before this election,

all the parties have started making a series of promises and schemes among the public. Congress

also wants the return of its government in this state at any cost. This is the reason why many leaders

including congress President mallikarjun Kharge, rahul gandhi and cm Ashok Gehlot gathered in

Jaipur, the capital of rajasthan, on 23 September.

While addressing a program on this occasion, rahul gandhi fiercely targeted the Modi government

while making political moves to woo OBC voters. Just a month before rahul Gandhi’s speech

regarding OBCs, cm Ashok Gehlot had also announced to increase the OBC reservation of

rajasthan from 21% to 27% and to make a separate reservation of 6 percent for the original OBCs.

In such a situation, let us know in this news what rahul said for OBCs in his program and how

much impact does the OBC factor have on the politics of Rajasthan?

What did rahul say in the program?

To woo OBC voters, rahul said, Today’s india is run not by MLAs and MPs but by Prime Minister

narendra Modi along with 90 officers. Those 90 people are secretaries of the government of India.

Every Central minister is run by a Secretary. So once I thought of seeing how many OBCs there are

among these 90 people, then I came to know that out of these 90 secretaries of the narendra Modi

government who talk about OBCs, only three people are from OBCs and they have no power.

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