Telangana has changed since the state was split into two. In an effort to build up the Andhra Settlers' trust, BRS (the previous TRS) made a lot of good gestures. The ghmc region, which has a sizable settler community, handed the tdp its mandate in the first election following the state's partition. The majority of the fifteen seats that the tdp won in that election are in the ghmc region. The TDP's (15) vote total came quite close to Congress's (21) vote total, which was the main opposition.

But the emigration and telugu Desam Party's decline into obscurity in telangana gradually influenced the settlers. Slowly, the settlers accepted that telangana politics are distinct once tdp ceased meddling in telangana and BRS stopped talking about TDP. They decided in favour of 2018 by a landslide. But following Chandrababu Naidu's arrest, things are already shifting. In Hyderabad, there have been several demonstrations over Chandrababu's detention.

Of course, these demonstrations have nothing to do with politics. However, the BRS Government's attempts to agitate the demonstrators and KTR's haughty remarks about chandrababu naidu altered how settlers perceive BRS. They were OK with BRS as long as they believed that they were not influencing their politics or feelings at home, but everything changed at this point. After the Bifurcation, Settlers finally had a cause to despise the BRS. They were more offended by KTR's remarks and the subtle way he criticised chandrababu naidu than by the Police's limitations on the protests.

Chances are excellent that the Settlers will polarise against the BRS for the first time. The only uncertainty is Congress' ability to cash it. The reddy Community Settlers, what about them? Most of these individuals are probably going to go with Congress, which in telangana positions itself as the reddy party. That has been the case for a while. Some may vote BRS if they support the ysr Congress. However, the fact that the matter was handled poorly resulted in a significant net loss for BRS.

Because kcr and KTR's connection with jagan is obvious and JSP's affiliation with tdp would further diminish this portion of settler votes, even Janasena's pawan kalyan fans on social media are upset. The telangana political landscape is controlled by the ghmc region, which has 24 assembly seats. Twenty percent of Telangana's 119 seats are made up of it. 26 percent of the electorate in the new state are voters in GHMC. 70% of the region's voters are made up of settlers, and they determine the future of the political parties there.

Instead, ktr ought to have permitted these demonstrations. For a few days there would have been hungama, and then everything would have calmed down. However, the handling went awry.

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