Cheetah Utsav will be celebrated in the month of december in Kuno National Park located in Sheopur, Madhya

Pradesh. Before the 6-day Cheetah Utsav, the cheetahs living in the enclosure of Kuno National Park will also be

freed into the open forest. It is believed that cheetah safari can also start in Kuno National Park during this time.

A tent city is being prepared in Kuno National Park for the event.

Let us tell you, Cheetah Utsav will be celebrated in Kuno National Park from 17 to 23 December. Environment

and wildlife experts from across the country and the world have been invited to Kuno National Park for the

Cheetah Utsav. The general public can also make bookings for the event. For the 6-day event from 17th to 23rd

December, 50 luxury tent cities are being prepared in which tourists will stay. The special thing is that this tent

city will remain for 10 years even after the event. There will be facilities of parasailing, hot air balloon, free

flights, paragliding, silent DJ, site.

Change in dates due to vote counting

Voting for the assembly elections took place in madhya pradesh on 17 November, the result of which will be

declared on 3 December. In such a situation, this festival in Kuno National Park was earlier scheduled on

December 1, but the dates have been changed due to the counting of votes for 230 assembly seats of the state on

December 3. Now this event will be organized from 17th december to 23rd December.

Cheetahs were brought from South Africa-Namibia

Leopards were brought to Kuno National Park in the month of september last year. These leopards have been re-

established in india after 70 years. Kuno National Park located in Shyapur, madhya pradesh was considered

suitable for cheetahs. 20 cheetahs were brought to Kuno National Park from south africa and Namibia, out of

which 14 adult cheetahs are alive. While a female cheetah Jwala gave birth to four cubs, three of them died, while

one cub is healthy, which is now eight months old.

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