Now the discussion regarding the name of leader of Opposition has intensified in Rajasthan. However, after the

meeting in Jaipur, the MLAs have left the name for Delhi. On which brainstorming and contemplation has now

started there. In which the name of Jat leader and Baytu mla Harish Chaudhary is at the forefront. For the last

several days, the phase of MLAs meeting him has also started. He is also meeting the newly elected MLAs of

different districts, Harish Chaudhary. congress sources say that the party can also bet on some simple and famous

face for the post of leader of Opposition. However, many veteran leaders have lost the elections. In such a

situation, the name of Harish Chaudhary is at the forefront. Harish has also been an mp before. Apart from Jats,

they have a strong hold among other castes and especially among the youth. Therefore, agreement is visible on

their faces.

Result will come from Delhi

Contemplation is going on in the party after the defeat of congress in the assembly elections. The high command

in delhi will now finalize the name in the meeting. Sachin Pilot’s people have also won the elections. They also

cannot be ignored. Therefore, some people are also in favor of sachin pilot for the leader of Opposition.

However, sources say that the party is also considering making Sachin Pilot’s supporters whips. A section of

Congress is adamant on making sachin pilot the state president. On which there is talk of a decision being taken

within a month. It is also being said that a decision on this will be taken in the delhi meeting.

Preparations begin for lok sabha elections

Congress party in delhi has started preparations for the lok sabha elections. In which there is talk of giving great

importance to Rajasthan. There are signs of organizational change in Rajasthan. Therefore, one Jat and one sc and

ST will get preference here. Any woman can also get big responsibility in national leadership. The discussion

regarding divya Maderna is also intense. There is talk of giving her a bigger responsibility in Mahila Congress.

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