"I'm surprised to see PM Modi": Putin praised..!?

Russian President Putin has said that he cannot even imagine that prime minister Modi will be forced or threatened to take a decision. india and russia have had close relations for a long time. From jawaharlal nehru and indira gandhi to the Modi era, russia has been India's ally. In the last 25 years, even as the relationship with America has been taken to the next level, we have appreciated friendship with Russia.
India maintains close ties with Russia:
In particular, India's stance on the ukraine issue highlights the importance of bilateral relations. A resolution was brought to the UN arena to condemn russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Despite pressure from the US and the West, india remained neutral and did not take a stand against Russia. Similarly, india continues to trade with russia even though Western countries have imposed various economic sanctions against Russia. All the efforts made by the West and the US to bring india to their side on this issue have not yielded any results. Russian President Putin has praised prime minister Modi many times for maintaining smooth relations with Russia. As a result, Putin's speech has attracted everyone's attention.

Russian President Putin praises Modi:
Putin's speech in Russian is translated by artificial intelligence as if he was speaking in Hindi. The video is going viral on social media. In it, Putin spoke about India-Russia relations. Praising prime minister Modi, he said, "Relations between russia and india continue to grow in all directions.

The main reason for this is the policy of prime minister Modi. He has often been surprised by prime minister Modi's tough stance on national security. To be honest, his strict stance in protecting the national interests of the indian people has surprised me at times. It is unimaginable that PM Modi will be coerced or intimidated into taking a decision. He cannot even imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened, or forced to take any action or decision against the national interest of india and the people of india, he said.

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