Sushil Modi Passes Away

What was the reason for Sushil Modi's death, with which disease was the bjp leader struggling for six months?

Urinary Bladder Cancer: Former deputy chief minister of bihar and bjp leader sushil kumar modi passed away due to cancer, he struggled with it for six months. Let us know in which part of the body Modi had cancer and what are its symptoms.

BJP leader sushil kumar modi passed away due to bladder cancer, he struggled with it for six months. Also known as urothelial carcinoma, this cancer affects the inner parts of the bladder and causes the cancer cells to mutate. To know everything about this deadly situation, definitely read this report so that life can be saved by knowing about its danger in time.

Former deputy chief minister of bihar sushil kumar modi had stage 2 bladder cancer. He was diagnosed six months ago. The 72-year-old bharatiya janata party leader himself had informed on the social media platform in april that he was battling cancer for the last six months.

What is urinary bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is known as urothelial carcinoma because it begins when the urothelial cells inside the bladder grow in large numbers and become abnormal. Most of the time, bladder cancer is caught in its early stages and hence it is curable.According to experts, bladder cancer starts in the lining of the bladder, and can come back even after treatment in 75 percent of cases, so people suffering from this deadly disease should be cautious about their health.

When does bladder cancer occur?

When certain cells in the tissue lining the bladder mutate, abnormal cells are formed that grow and cause tumors in your bladder. If left untreated, bladder cancer spreads through the walls of your bladder to nearby lymph nodes and then to other areas of your body, including your bones, lungs or even liver.

These changes seen in the body can be symptoms of colon cancer.

Statistics say that bladder cancer is the fourth most common disease affecting men.

have cancer, in which men are four times more likely to develop this cancer than women

Is more. According to the Bladder cancer Advocacy Network, women should

Paying attention to blood is less likely to be the first and most common cause of bladder cancer.

Important symptoms, as they link blood in the urine to common gynecological problems

And ultimately it can be detected in advanced stage. ,

Doctors say that bladder cancer usually affects people aged 55 years and older. On average, most people are 73 years old when they are diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Signs and symptoms

Besides blood in the urine, the most prominent symptoms of bladder cancer include:

• Pain and burning sensation while urinating

• Frequent urination and need to urinate a lot

• Difficulty urinating when your urine flow starts and stops, or the flow is not as strong as usual

• Persistent bladder infections

What causes bladder cancer?

Doctors say they don't know exactly why some bladder cells change and become cancerous. However, some risk factors include:

• Smoking cigarettes doubles the risk of bladder cancer.

Radiation therapy to treat cancer may also increase the risk of bladder cancer.

Some chemotherapy regimens may also increase your risk.

Food supplement coming to eliminate cancer, will stop the growth of malignant cells in the body

Studies show that people who work with certain chemicals used in dyes, rubber, leather, paint, some textiles, and hairdressing supplies may be at increased risk.

people who have frequent bladder infections, bladder stones, or other urinary tract infections may have an increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma. sushil modi Passes Away: What was the reason for Sushil Modi's death, with which disease was the bjp leader struggling for six months?

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