Unstoppable with NBK with balayya became a popular conversation show. With celebrities like prabhas, Sharwanand, and adivi sesh as guests, the second season is gaining steam and will reach its zenith with the upcoming episode that puts pawan kalyan on trial. The show's questions and guest rumours have also recently grown to be its most intriguing elements. Their most recent information concerns the guests for the upcoming programme.

Actor ram charan and telangana minister ktr have agreed to co-star in Balayya's Unstoppable, according to an insider source. If it does, Aha's Unstoppable S2 is going to have one of those really popular episodes. It is well known that dynamic minister ktr of Telanagana is good friends with a number of telugu stars, including mahesh babu and ram Charan. It would make for a fantastic episode if ktr and ram charan spoke with balayya on the programme.

In the majority of the episodes, balayya has been dropping indications about the upcoming guest, such as using the names trivikram and pawan kalyan and calling ram charan in a recent prabhas episode, among other things. When balayya invited ram charan to attend the show in the prabhas episode, he replied that he is only a phone call away. And it appears that it will happen quickly.

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