If all telugu people on the planet are feeling so happy of the first-ever oscar nomination for a telugu film-related song, what would the famous SS rajamouli have to say about it? The renowned director will undoubtedly perform the same dance move that he taught his brothers to execute.

"My peddanna's song from my movie received an oscar nomination. More is beyond my reach... As he ecstatically posted a thank you card, rajamouli declared, "I am currently doing Naatu Naatu more passionately than tarak and Charan." The filmmaker said that he had never in his life imagined winning an oscar and said that this was possible because the insane Naatu Naatu and rrr fans believed in the song in the beginning, and as a result, they carried it to the next level with international tours.

Oscar stage meedha paata... I'm grateful. Regarding the choreographer, prem Rakshit, rajamouli stated to Chandrabose, "Prem master, your contribution to the song is essential. You get my personal Oscar. rahul Sipligung and Kala Bhairva were also acknowledged. "After much hesitation, Bhairava's BGM was what spurred me to move forward with Naatu Naatu. I cherish you, Bhairi babu. rahul and Bhairava's extremely energising vocals improved the tune, he noted.

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