Bhaje Vaayu Vegam is Karthikeya's next film. During one of the film's promotional interviews, he was accompanied by filmmaker sujeeth of saaho fame, who mentioned his next project OG, which stars Pawan Kalyan.

Sujeeth stated, "Many people know that 'OG' stands for 'Original Gangster.'" As a result, there was conjecture that the film's title, which stars Pawan Kalyan, was picked with this symbolism in mind. However, this was not the case.

"OG stands for 'Ojas Gambhir.'" In the film, the master's name is Ojas, and the hero's name is Gambhir. Combining them yields OG. That is why we chose this title. Pawan always attempts to incorporate a Japanese flavor into his films, even if the subject is unrelated. That is why I have been determined to do a film with him in the Japanese way. That's what OG is.

Director sujeeth explained how he got the chance to direct Pawan Kalyan. "I was first approached about a remake, but I was not interested. A remake does not have the same excitement as an original film. So I waited for my chance. After such a lengthy wait, fortune was finally on my side. One day, kalyan inquired whether I had any new stories. I gave him one sentence, and he agreed immediately. That is how OG came to be.

Sujeeth also emphasized his love of Japanese cinema, pointing out that pawan kalyan shares the same interest, which is why he named his kid Akira. sujeeth said that the trailer for OG is already complete. sujeeth further revealed that his favorite pawan kalyan flick is Johnny. He lauded the picture for being technically sound and ahead of its time.

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