Kavya Maaran is well-known among cricket fans. For those unfamiliar with the game, she owns the IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad. Kavya's participation in Sunrisers hyderabad games helped her earn enormous recognition. She was born in august 1992. She attended school in chennai and finished with a commerce degree. Later, she travelled to london to earn an MBA. She now manages Sunrisers hyderabad, as well as a few other sun Group enterprises.

Kavya is the daughter of Kalanidhi Maran, the sun Network's owner. Her team, Sunrisers hyderabad, performed admirably in the IPL 2024 and finished second place. It fell to the kolkata Knight Riders in the final yesterday night. The kolkata Knight Riders are co-owned by bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. With this season's victory, KKR currently has three IPL titles to their name.

Even though Shah Rukh is a more popular Superstar than Kavya, the latter is four times as wealthy as him. Kavya is the only child of sun Group CEO Kalanidhi Maran, who ranks 82nd among India's billionaires. According to sources, his net worth exceeds Rs. 24,000 crore. He owns many television networks, newspapers, a radio station, a film production company, and a weekly magazine.
He also owns the airline Spicejet. As his only kid, Kavya currently owns all of his property. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan has a net worth of around Rs. 6000 crores. Aside from performing, he is involved in film production, runs a VFX studio, and operates enterprises in a variety of industries. In this way, Kavya Maaran is four times wealthier than king Khan.

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