What is Chandrababu's fear on Pawan..!?

- It is Babu's responsibility to protect Pawan's honor and dignity.
- The stronger the Janasena-TDP, the weaker the YCP.
- What if Pawan, who made Babu cm, is not in the cabinet?

Needless to say, janasena leader pawan kalyan played a crucial role in bringing the alliance to power. Pawan has been telling him not to give him the post of minister since before. But Chandrababu himself insisted and gave Pawan the post of minister. Pawan took oath as Minister. It seems that Pawan will be allotted an important department along with Deputy CM. A discussion is going on in ap tdp circles that Chandrababu has laid a very poor plan behind why Pawan, who said that he will not go to the cabinet, was given the post of minister. If Pawan is not given the post of minister, it will definitely cause deep dissatisfaction and intolerance among the Jana Sena ranks. If the same Pawan is given a deputy cm and he is made a minister for a department that shakes the state, it will be different. In that, along with the fans of Pawan and Jana Sena, mainly the Kapu social class, which has supported the alliance in these elections, has to be satisfied. Even if they get the feeling that Pawan has done anything less in this matter, it will be a deception at first.
Chandrababu did not want to take that risk. That is why Pawan was taken into the cabinet. If Pawan is in the cabinet, this josh will be different. Only then will there be momentum in the Jana Sena cadre. At least some of the disaffected people in ycp will look toward Jana Sena. Thus Jana Sena will become stronger. The stronger the Janasena-TDP, the weaker the YCP. If this happens, ycp will become weaker day by day. In the 2019 elections, both tdp and janasena became weak. As both parties contested separately, ycp got stronger.

If there is no power in the government, which plays a key role in forming the government, then this government itself has no meaning. Thinking about all these, Chandrababu took Pawan into the cabinet. It must be said that Babu did not let go of his grip even though Pawan was pushed a bit before joining the cabinet. Babu also has the responsibility to protect Pawan with respect and courtesy.

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