Today while in hyderabad, the bharateeyudu 2 crew participated in a Q&A session with telugu Media. Given the impressive personalities of shankar and Kamal, the session was excellent. It was fascinating to see them discuss films and answer questions from the press. siddharth, however, persisted in acting in a repulsive manner towards the telugu media, or "Rotha." siddharth constantly despises others, especially the media, since he is experiencing an identity crisis and feels superior to them.

Regarding specific inquiries, even though they are not his. He barges in and disturbs the atmosphere with his impolite responses. He also attempted to speak on behalf of the renowned kamal haasan on a few occasions. If the inquiry is upsetting or uncomfortable for you, it is understandable. However, the queries of today are entirely benign. And see, all of us are just mortals in front of him, and he is attempting to protect the Great Kamal Haasan.

Consider this instance: a journalist inquired about telangana chief minister Revanth Reddy's request for celebrities to participate in quick films on various topics, such as drugs. kamal haasan was asked this question, but before he could respond, siddharth interrupted and mentioned that he had previously participated in a safe sex awareness campaign. It's okay if he brags about himself. However, he asserted that actors carry out such work on their own and that chief ministers cannot compel them to do so in order to obtain anything. This is his haughtiness towards a chief minister who was speaking about a significant social issue and was chosen by the people.

He even said, "Kamal Sir, rakul, you need not answer this question," at the end of his response. Come on, tell me why you included rakul in this. Even though the actress is unrelated, he probably wants to be remembered for saving the day by bringing her in. He even made an attempt to educate a senior journalist on the inquiries being made by the media.  There will occasionally be inquiries that might be bothersome. These inquiries will be answered by the relevant celebrity. Social internet exposes these journalists, if they are troublesome at all.

Here, that is not the case. siddharth is being set off without any apparent cause. In essence, he thinks quite poorly of other people, particularly the media. He also does cheap tricks like this in an attempt to remain relevant. "I spent my last twenty years telling about Boys and I will spend the next twenty telling about indian 2," siddharth reportedly stated during the ceremony. I apologise, but siddharth has to improve his performance history. When you have no regard for other people, you are not allowed to sit next to Kamal Haasan.

It's not like the media can't respond to him in the language that works best for him. Simply put, people appreciate him for establishing himself here before moving up the ladder. However, if this repulsive behaviour persists, the time will come when his "Athi" (Excessive Behaviour) will be rightfully called out.  This should be handled by the producers who choose to star siddharth in their movies and travel to hyderabad to promote them.

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