How to prevent virtual autism in children?

In an interview with Javed Akhtar, the director of the Right to Play Initiative and a physical education teacher at The Shriram Millennium School, stated that children can avoid developing virtual autism if their schedules are appropriately designed. Children must be discouraged from using phones and other mobile devices and encouraged to engage in sports, physical activities, and other extracurriculars in order to achieve this. Children who do this will meet more people and become less reliant on technology, expanding their social circle in the process. According to him, kids' daily schedules should be designed to keep them active all day long in order to minimize their screen usage.

Even succumbing to sadness

In a paper, Benjamin Maxwell, the dean of the university of California's Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, stated that teens who use cellphones from an early age are more likely to have mental health issues today. are disturbed by. Many problems are negatively affecting the quality of life of teenagers, ranging from severe cyberbullying to depression. He asserted that social interaction and staying in touch with one another are essential for everyone and that cell phones have nearly completely eliminated them. Such a behavior is detrimental to children's better futures. If parents believe that their young child is using a smartphone more adeptly than they are, and they take pride in this, proceed with caution since this may not be a sign of progress but rather of a medical condition.

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