COVID-19 pictures are now widely available two years into the pandemic. Wes Schlagenhauf is Dying attempts to handle the situation comedically, however the humour doesn't always work and the movie lacks in overall execution. The movie, which Parker Seaman directed from a script he co-wrote with Devin Das, is humorous and never takes itself too seriously, even in the cruellest of circumstances, yet it is heartless. Wes Schlagenhauf is Dying never quite lives up to its comedy or plot promise, despite the fact that there are moments that succeed and the cast has great chemistry.

In this comedy about a road trip, Seaman and Das portray fictionalised versions of themselves. The two are well-known commercial directors who relocated to hollywood with their friend, the titular Wes Schlagenhauf (who is also portraying a fake version of himself), years before the start of the movie. Their most recent, a humorous commercial that parodies a shoe manufacturer taking advantage of the pandemic, has worn them out, so they want to try something new. Parker and Devin decide to visit Wes when Wes, who left Los Angeles behind a few years earlier, phones them and reports having COVID-19.

There are many intriguing aspects to the plot, but they never quite mesh. They certainly know how to use their professional connection to make hilarious sequences stand out, and their banter can occasionally be amusing. However, after a while, even the comedy begins to irritate one. Wes Schlagenhauf is Dying contains some comments on the movie business, its ridiculousness, and what it takes to make a great movie, but it comes out as lacklustre and half-hearted. It's clear that the characters are passionate, but the numerous story points—including the mounting tension and eventual conflict between them—don't lead to anything particularly admirable or worthwhile.

Although the movie has some sincere comedic moments, the plot is primarily overshadowed by the way it was put together. It's a collection of intriguing concepts that, in the end, don't mesh well or naturally. There are some promising signs, but the writing required a lot more polish.

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