Deepika Padukone cried in front of everyone, knowing what happened at the Pathan event that even Shah Rukh Khan could not keep her quiet

Deepika Padukone broke down in front of the media because of something that happened during the Pathaan press conference. He also told the reason behind being emotional.

These days discussions are happening all around about Shah Rukh Khan, deepika padukone, and john Abraham's film 'Pathan'.  At the same time, during this tremendous success, the team of 'Pathan' organized a press event (Pathaan Pathaa Event) to thank the fans, in which all the three stars of the film also participated. During this event, deepika padukone was seen getting emotional. While talking, deepika told the media why tears appeared in front of the cameras.

Pathan ' has recently crossed the 500 crore mark. At the same time, deepika padukone spoke to the media about her recent release. He told how happy he is at the box office success of the film. deepika was talking to the media but during this, her tears were visible to the cameras. He told them why she became emotional. deepika said that the success of the film is looking like a festival.

Deepika told that she had gone to see the film at Getty Galaxy in Mumbai. deepika cried after seeing the reaction of the audience and talking about this reaction. He said that he felt great after seeing the reaction of the people. He said that people's reaction to the film seems as if a festival is being celebrated. deepika says that she feels very happy when people praise her for months of hard work.

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