Even if the malayalam original Kappela is a huge success in Kerala, the remake won't be as well received if the emotional tone isn't maintained. Butta Bomma failed to gain that appeal despite making excellent attempts in terms of aesthetics and production, and there appears to be a strong reason for this.

If we take a look at the cast, we can see that YouTubers from several well-known YouTube network companies that target telugu viewers make up everyone from the hero's sisters to the heroine's pals, side characters, comedians, and the hero's pekata gang. And it appears that this is a major negative for the movie. Watching Buttabomma with these people has significantly diminished the authenticity of the araku setup and the love theme because they are always recognised for their comedy, ridiculous romanticism, and routine stuff on YouTube.

While the moments themselves haven't moved us the way Satyadev's Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya did in the greatest, the casting of these social media icons has further fallen short of expectations. The film's creators may have believed that including so many YouTube stars would give the movie a strong boost, but in reality, their excessive use only encouraged viewers to watch short videos. Although there are some fantastic lines of conversation and music, this miscasting had a detrimental impact in cities and towns where these YouTubers are truly well-liked. The movie lacks a truly cinematic atmosphere until arjun Das shows up in the second part. Because of this, casting is important.

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