One such actress who is quite active on social media is shruti Haasan. She interacts with followers on instagram by posting snippets of her daily life. The actress reflected on 2012's challenging moments today as she travelled down memory lane. shruti haasan shared a photo of herself in a gothic outfit on her instagram page while reflecting on the challenging year of 2012. The actress is depicted in the monochrome photo sporting black lipstick and dishevelled hair. shruti haasan is referred to as "Goth daddy" due to her distinctive and daring style.

Shruti Haasan posted on her instagram, saying, "2012 was not a great year for me personally, and little did I know that things would soon change for me professionally. This photo was taken that year. I wish I could go back in time and give that version of me a big hug and show her where she would ultimately end up as I look back at her. people will always gossip, there is a strong breeze of fakery in the air, the instinct was correct, and weakness is strength, I want to tell her."

"But the anguish in the fire that is constantly burning inside of me, searching for anything ahead of me that I can learn from, something I can see, or something I can dream about, is what gives me from my yesterdays for my tomorrows. It is silent, violent, and true; also, it has #gothpapa vibes that were previously kept a secret "Added she.

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