Lokesh kanagaraj is demonstrating his uniqueness at a time when other directors are taking a lengthy time to finish filming. Leo's film has a lengthy schedule in kashmir, and lokesh has already shot 50% of it. The rest of the film should be finished by June, and they intend to release Leo in September. With meticulous planning, lokesh kanagaraj completes the full shooting portion of his movies quickly. He recently finished shooting the schedule for his upcoming movie, Leo, which stars Vijay. 

The crew shared a video honouring the team members who put in a lot of effort behind the camera to make sure filming went well as they announced the end of the schedule. The breathtaking kashmir Valley scene opens the video. A team member admits that the film crew's first day in kashmir was cancelled due to the miserable weather. "It is very difficult for us to work, our hands are going numb," said another man. When the Leo crew was filming in kashmir, the nighttime low reached -2 degrees.

The people who worked on the junior artist costumes in the movie also talked about how challenging it was for them to handle a needle. There were a lot of such events from Leo's team mates in the video. Actor Vijay was also seen in the video filming in the valley. There, he engaged with both civilians and military personnel.

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