Since his longtime girlfriend Natalie Morales broke up with him two years ago, Tommy (Johnson, best known for his character in New Girl), has been feeling depressed and aimless. Tommy, who is now unemployed and living with his mother, is stuck in his everyday routine and won't change. Tommy decides to take a chance and travel with Andy Samberg to a far-off location when he approaches him in a limo. Samberg drives off after dropping him off at a building. Tommy is presented with the opportunity to participate in a dark web reality show in which he will be pursued for 30 days by assassins from all over the globe.

Maintaining a close proximity to someone else is the only method to avoid being killed. Tommy determines he has nothing to lose and agrees to do it. He later recruits homeless man james (Biff Wiff) to shadow him and joins Maddy (Anna Kendrick), who insists she is a part of the same show.

Self reliance isn't afraid to be totally absurd and silly. The audience, like Tommy's family, is able to question whether assassins are really after him because Tommy has grown so reliant on others in his personal life and refuses to move on. It's simple to just go along for the journey, regardless of where the plot of the movie takes you. What a journey it is, too! Johnson's propensity for comedic babbling effortlessly fits into his character's situation as Tommy struggles to survive the dark web reality show.

The movie makes the case that Tommy needs a wake-up call in order to progress forward and out of his comfort zone. Self reliance reaches new heights when Tommy is developed through the risky game and given crucial insights. Its comedy, which is frequently witty and random, is another of the picture's best points. Johnson is hilarious, as are the other actors in the ensemble. Johnson makes effective use of the actor-turned-director's particular brand of humour in the movie, which is dry, acerbic, and awkward and takes the audience on an unusual comedic trip they won't soon forget.

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