Recently, Global Star ram Charan's new production company, "V Mega Pictures," where he collaborated with uv creations Vikram, revealed that they will be working with abhishek Agarwal to produce the largest pan-Indian film ever. The production of "India Gate" alongside Nikhil, whose karthikeya 2 has become a big hit across the nation, is also the subject of widespread rumors. But here's the catch.

There hasn't yet been a movie created with an outside hero, regardless of whether chiranjeevi, Nagababu, Pawan Kalyan, ram Charan, or other big heroes have said that they will try their luck with "production." These major heroes have never collaborated on a film with a hero outside of their own family, with the exception of Allu Arjvind, whose geetha arts also features several other heroes. Many people wonder why Charan chose Nikhil rather than another mega hero because of this.

The issue is that if Charan produces a movie with another megastar or with akhil Akkineni, people will undoubtedly accuse him of promoting nepotism. Most likely for this reason, he chose a hero from outside the family so that the naysayers would be ignored. After that, it appears that abhishek will handle the production formalities while Charan will only sell the movie using his reputation.

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