Big revelation in Kulhad pizza couple viral video case, private video was not fake; Sahaj Arora himself confessed the truth

Kulhad pizza Couple Viral Video: A big revelation has been made regarding the private video of Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, famous as Kulhad pizza Couple, which went viral. And the most important thing is that after so many controversies, now this couple has made the real disclosure. Know the whole story.

Kulhad pizza Couple Viral Video: Famous Kulhad pizza couple Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur would never have imagined that on social media, both of them had become stars. Because of social media, they will have to face so much trouble. Meanwhile, Sahaj Arora of the Kulhar pizza couple has made a big revelation regarding the private video that went viral.

Sahaj Arora, who reached the social worker's talk show, told how his private video went viral. Sahaj Arora admitted in the talk show that making the video was his mistake. He told how the video made 2-3 years ago was removed from history and made viral. The phone from which the video was taken had stopped being used a long time ago and started being it for taking and giving payments at the shop counter. As I gained fame, it never occurred to me that I had made any video on this phone.

A Nepali girl was employed in the shop but in the meantime, her temper deteriorated, after which we refused to come to work. A few days later, the sister received a video on her mobile blackmailed her, and demanded payment. My crying sister called me that this was some video of yours, after that, we immediately reached the police station. While all the suspicion fell on the Nepali girl, the matter was not completely confirmed.

In the first video, our faces and voices were not visible, but when we reached the police station with the complaint, people there told me to tell them that this was fake. I just said that this video is fake and not mine, before I could speak, the blamer made 3 videos viral. people made this video so viral that we were completely mortified.

The police registered a case against the Nepali girl and detained her. Sahas Arora even says that people used to sit at our shop, eat, and watch our videos. In these bad circumstances, when I sent my younger sister to manage the shop, I used to keep the phone in front of her eyes and show her the video. So, seeing her duty, handled the situation. Not only this, people even made a video of my last farewell and even Gurpreet is lighting my dead body on fire. Sahaj also said that I don't know whether there could be more videos on that phone, I don't remember, I requested people with folded hands that if something like this happens again, then they should understand that you have your younger brother and sister who are sitting there. Has happened.

Know what the matter of the viral video, video ruined the lives of both couples.

This couple is again in the headlines after a "private video" went viral on the internet in September, in which they are allegedly seen in an objectionable situation. revealed. Sahaj Arora's sister had filed a complaint in connection with the objectionable video that went viral. In the FIR, her sister Harnoor had accused the girl, who worked at the Kulhar pizza shop, of blackmailing many of her colleagues and making the objectionable video viral for not paying the money.

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