A journalist attempted to host a film festival in goa, and someone who had previously done it successfully failed to do so correctly. But the way certain journalists and media people, as well as celebrities from other professions, are talking about it is not in a nice mood," said Allu Arvind, responding without naming names to the "Santosham Awards" event that took place in goa the other day, when there was a lot of mayhem.

For the uninitiated, the santosham Awards event in goa the other day devolved into mayhem owing to various conflicts involving vendors, sponsors, and hotel personnel. before a result, the ceremony was halted at the conclusion, just before kannada superstars were ready to take the stage. This has sent the wrong signals, as some kannada actresses have taken to social media to claim that tollywood is deliberately attacking Sandalwood in this manner. To make matters worse, several telugu journalists began writing negative stories about the occurrence and linked the mega family to the writer, santosham Suresh.

Without naming santosham Suresh, mega-producer Allu Arvind clarified, "He is not PRO for any of us, not to anyone from the mega family; at the same time, don't blame his failure on tollywood itself, and don't blame the award function's chaos on telugu Film industry altogether."

Speaking about it, santosham Suresh took to his X account to remark that a communication breakdown caused a few difficulties at an event, adding that similar incidents occur at all large gatherings. He has apologised to Kananda and other language celebrities for his actions.

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