Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the queen bee, is motivating listeners with her fitness journey by starting a health podcast shortly after being diagnosed with myositis. She explores her top 5 morning routine tips in episode 4 to give you a confident and upbeat start to the day.
"Being grateful sets the tone," stresses Samantha. She starts her morning journaling at 5:30 AM, concentrating on the things she has to be thankful for. She says that by doing this, you create a positive intention for the next day. She then makes time for a five-minute walk in the sun, making use of its inherent ability to elevate her mood.

Samantha's program also includes breathing exercises. She applies the Wim Hof Method, which is well-known for its stimulating properties and possible health advantages. Another important component of Samantha's practice is meditation, which she attributes to Isha Kriya's transformational influence. Irony is that, Samantha's good deed receives only a lukewarm response.
Samantha concludes by introducing EFT, or emotional freedom technique—a.k.a. tapping. This is a useful strategy for controlling her myositis since it balances energy and reduces discomfort. samantha suggests that people begin with one or two of the five activities mentioned above to progressively establish a habit, even though she understands that this is a lot to take on.

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