Everything went up and down in life of Kamal Hassan from couple of hours regarding his dream project 'Vishwaroopam' being screened in Tamil Naidu. Here are the details folks yesterday evening ban lifted on Vishwaroopam and now govt wants it back, court to decide its release issue after 2 pm.   Emotionally broke down Kamal conducted a press meet at his office couple of minutes ago and spoke his heart to media. Here are few statements he made exclusively for you folks,  I want to be a secular man. If need be, I will have to leave the country. I am not blaming one religion. I am fed up.   I only want to stay in a secular state, that doesn’t mean I will not make Tamil films. I am not angry with my people.     If I cannot find in India, I will find hopefully another country that is secular. Hussain had to do it, Haasan will do it.     I am being made of a political game. I don't know who is playing it. I won't even hazard a guess.     I want a secular place to live, other than Tamil Nadu, is there any place? If I don't get it to live here, I will seek another secular place. But I won't have any debts. I have zero tax arrears! I have no religion, no tribe and now no money either.     Everyone I have borrowed from will be affected. I don't know if I can do a press meet after this. I have pledged all my property to this film. I have many happy memories in this house, so I thought I would create one more, by holding a press conference here with all of you now  Culture terrorists can't be allowed to hound out artists & intellectuals. Would be a shame if Kamal Haasan decides to leave TN, what say folks.

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