In order to instill a sense of responsibility among the general people, the hyderabad police conducted a frisking operation at a restaurant. However, this conduct has prompted responses from online users. police officials can be seen randomly frisking patrons at hyderabad eateries such as king Khaja Hotel, Lucky Hotel, Nafees Cafe, Mashallah Hotel, meena Cafe, Siddiqui Hotel, and Ya Syed Hotel in a video posted on social media.

P shiva Chandra, an inspector of police at the Santosh nagar police Station, stated in an interview with that the frisking was done to see whether anyone was carrying a weapon or marijuana. Although nothing was discovered during the searches, he said that they had instilled a feeling of accountability in the populace.

However, some netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the police’s actions. One individual questioned, ‘Are city police permitted to conduct such searches on the public?’ In response, another netizen alleged, “These actions by the police continue to demonstrate their disregard for the rule of law.” Some of them supported these actions and commented that this is much needed based on the drug menace in the city and some of them said it's insecurity.

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