The data of caste based survey conducted in bihar has been released. After the caste-based survey came to light,

Aam Aadmi party (AAP) rajya sabha MP sanjay singh said that census should be conducted across the

country. We should know the number of castes. This is a national issue. Let us tell you that Aam Aadmi Party

has been in support of the caste survey since the beginning. There was a lot of uproar in bihar regarding caste

based census. This issue had reached from patna High court to the supreme Court.

Extremely backward class population 36%

According to bihar caste based survey report, the total population of the state is 13,07,25,310. According to the

survey report, in bihar, the number of extremely backward class people is 36 percent, backward class is 27

percent, scheduled caste is 19.6 percent, scheduled tribe is 1.6 percent and unreserved class is 15.5 percent.

Bihar's population is more than 13 crores

Additional Chief Secretary of bihar Government, vivek Singh, while addressing a press conference on the day

of gandhi Jayanti, said that the report of caste based census has been released. vivek Singh said that according

to the survey report, the backward class in bihar is 27.13%. Extremely backward class is 36.01%, general class

is 15.52%. Now the population of bihar is more than 13 crores. He said that the decision to conduct caste-based

census was taken unanimously in the all-party meeting in june 2022.

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