After bjp, now delhi congress has also opened its front against the aam aadmi party government in Delhi.

State congress President Arvinder Singh Lovely has attacked the kejriwal government. He said that the ruling

Party’s insult to the elected members of MCD shows dictatorial attitude. congress party strongly criticizes this.

Instead of talking on issues of public interest, bjp and aam aadmi party are misleading the people of delhi by

playing the politics of blaming each other.

State congress President said that not a single work related to public interest has been done for the last one year.

Whereas before this, the corporation was ruled by bjp for 15 years, who broke all the norms and made the

corporation a den of corruption. After coming to power in MCD, aam aadmi party has also followed the same

path in delhi Municipal Corporation.

Huge loss to the public

Arvinder Singh Lovely said that not debating in public interest in the MCD house meeting and passing the

agenda in the house without discussion is undemocratic. He said that due to the hooliganism of Aam Aadmi

Party and bjp councilors, the people of delhi are suffering huge losses due to no work of public interest being

carried out in the House. The wrestling match between the corporation councilors of AAP and bjp is a big

failure of the corporation administration. Despite the completion of 11 months of the current tenure, the Standing

Committee and Zone Committees have not been formed yet. Due to this attitude of the AAP government,

development work is not being done smoothly in the departments under the corporation in Delhi. The

corporation completely failed to control deadly pollution and dengue. There is no one to give instructions to the

working committees and zone officials.

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