Currently, the election frenzy has started in the state of Andhra Pradesh. There was a huge fight between ycp, tdp alliance and Congress. It becomes difficult to say who will win this battle. Prajnadi is not clued up by any survey. All the surveys say that whoever wins will win with a few votes, but not a majority. At this moment tdp is going to the people through alliance, ycp is going to the people alone. They strongly believe that Jaganmohan reddy will come to power again at this moment. He is confident that the government will be formed in 175 seats. jagan seems to think that he will surely win from the distant hills, looking at the people who come to his meetings.

In reality, people are against Jagan. There is a minus among the people that most of the schemes from the government have been received only by a few leaders of the ycp and not by the real poor. Many ycp leaders, who won the 2019 elections, terrorized the people by doing many raids, and there is also an issue among the people that they have lagged behind in development. But jagan ignores all this and criticizes only Chandrababu and pawan kalyan and is doing a bus trip all over the state. But during his bus trip, students of kakinada College raised slogans against Jagan. It became a sensation across the state. Moreover, he felt that the stone attack on jagan would also give a lot of mileage.

It was a bit confusing. However, when ycp was in power in the state, many lower level leaders were troubling the people and making them afraid that the schemes would not come if they did not vote for Jagan. However, in the assembly elections held in Telangana, kcr also went forward with the ego that the congress will not come to power and the development work done by me will win me. But when the result came, they were shocked. Wherever he held a meeting in the state, people came in droves. But at the time of voting, more votes were casted on the congress side. Political analysts say that jagan is also thinking like kcr and is under the illusion that he will win. If he is under the same illusion, then there is a chance that jagan will also be punched in the same way as kcr was punched in Telangana.

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