Arjun Tendulkar walked out from the field..!?

Arjun Tendulkar, the young player of the mumbai team who played against lucknow, returned to the restroom with 2.2 overs. In the 67th league match of the IPL series, the mumbai team played against the lucknow team. In this match, Mumbai's star player bumrah was rested and replaced by a young player arjun Tendulkar. arjun Tendulkar's debut this season created anticipation among the fans. arjun tendulkar was called upon to bowl the 2nd over in this match as he proved that he could swing the new ball last season. arjun tendulkar, who conceded only 3 runs in this over, took the ball aggressively in the last ball and tried to beat Stoinis. Seeing this, Stoinis expressed surprise. arjun tendulkar, who came to bowl the 5th over, conceded 7 runs. As a result, arjun tendulkar conceded only 10 runs in 2 overs. Then arjun came in to bowl the 15th over. 

Leg cramp before bowling the first ball of this over. Both the next two balls were toss balls, and Vlasi Pooran gave a shocker in both the sixes. Panicked by this, arjun tendulkar immediately walked towards the restroom. As a result, arjun tendulkar was out for a total of 22 runs in 2.2 overs. arjun tendulkar could be seen bowling with a bit more pace than last season. But arjun Tendulkar's bowling without changing the run-up has drawn criticism. Fans were splashed with some balls hitting a speed of 139 kmph, but most of the balls were not bowled more than 130 kmph. Thus it is seen that arjun tendulkar is not fully prepared yet. Due to this, criticism has increased that arjun tendulkar is being given a chance in the mumbai team because he is the son of Sachin Tendulkar.

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