Top 10 mobile manufacturing countries in the world..!?

The mobile phone is becoming one of the essential devices in today's era. Cellphones worth $264.3 billion were shipped in 2021 alone, a 3.1% increase from 2017. In the last period of 2020 - 2021, the export and sales of cell phones have seen a growth of 1.3%, although not significantly. As of 2021, Asian exporters account for 82.3% of total exports. They export a total of $217.6 billion worth of cell phones. european exporters are in second place. Their share is 12.3%. The share of the same US is 4.9%.
The top 10 mobile exporting countries are:
 China (48.4%) - $127.9 billion
 Vietnam (14.8%) - $39.1 billion
Hong Kong (12.2%) - $32.3 billion
United States (4.8%) - $12.6 billion
Germany (2.1%) - $5.7 billion
Czech Republic (2.0) - $5.4 billion
Singapore (2.0%) - $5.3 billion
South Korea (1.9%) - $4.93 billion
India (1.8%) - $4.87 billion
Austria (1.4) - $3.7 billion.
Among the fastest growing mobile phone export countries in 2020-21, India's exports are up 63%, Singapore's exports are up 33.9%, USA's exports are up 31.5%, and Belgium's exports are up 28%. Although exports increased in some of the above countries, exports decreased by -17.3% from the czech republic, sweden by -16.2%, germany by -6.2%, slovakia by -4.5%, and italy by -3.1%.What are the top 10 mobile brands?

Who are the top producers?
Acer from taiwan is the number one producer of cell phones, followed by apple from America, Blackberry from Canada, BLU Products at 4th place, and Bullitt Group from england at 5th place. It is followed by FT Group (Vietnam), google Nexus from America, huawei from china, Lenovo from hong kong, and microsoft mobile (USA) in 10th place. (This is written based on 2021 data)

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