anasuya began her career as a character artist before switching to television and working for a news channel. She rose to fame with the adult comedy series Jabardasth, where her glamorous appearance was the most talked-about feature. She is also renowned for glamorising social media with her photo shoots. But now comes the surprise.

With the exception of a few reality series where she is a judge but not a show host, anasuya has recently reduced her tv duties and stopped participating in any new ones. Additionally, she has stopped publishing any glitzy photos recently. She frequently creates selfies and photos of herself without makeup, giving her image a traditional feel. The actress has decided to give a temporary pause to her skin show and glamour right now.
Since fans are used to seeing Anasuya's dazzling appearance the majority of the time, many are questioning what is wrong with her. Although some of the female-centric movies she's been in haven't been successful, we've heard that she's now working on a lot of movies, and sukumar and Allu Arjun's pushpa 2 will showcase a more rougher side of the actress that will surprise viewers.

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