In a remarkable medical feat, doctors at a hospital in Arundel Peta, guntur, successfully performed brain tumour surgery on a patient named Manikantha without administering full anaesthesia. The unique aspect of this surgery was the use of videos tailored to the patient's preferences. As Manikantha is a devoted follower of Lord Sri Ram, the doctors played the opening ceremony video of the ayodhya Ram temple on a laptop in the operation theatre. 

This devout experience helped the patient remain calm and focused during the surgery. Manikantha, an auto driver from Godavarru, Chebrolu Mandal, guntur district, had a sizable brain tumour of about 7 cm. Due to concerns about potential complications, if sedation was used, the doctors opted for an awake surgery approach. This method allowed the patient to remain conscious while crucial parts of the brain were operated on without causing harm. During the surgery on the 11th of this month, Manikantha, immersed in devotional ecstasy, even exclaimed "Jai Sri Ram."

The doctors, demonstrating precision and skill, completed the surgery without any complications. Following the procedure, they engaged with the patient, instructing him to move his legs and arms to ensure the sensitive parts of the brain were unaffected. This innovative approach, known as awake surgery in medical terms, highlights the continuous advancements in medical techniques and personalized care.

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