All telugu newspapers have reported that telugu desam party president and former andhra pradesh chief minister N chandrababu naidu left for the united states of America in the early hours of saturday for a medical check-up and would return in five or six days. Nobody, including close party insiders, knew where Naidu had gone in the United States. It was kept very confidential.
In reality, there was some issue surrounding his vacation to the united states, as he did not acquire authorization from the acb court to travel overseas while on bail in the state skill development company case. 

Naidu's arch-adversary and YSRCP president, Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, received clearance from the cbi court for a holiday trip to Europe. However, Naidu did not file any such plea with the court to acquire authorization.
Some media outlets said that Naidu had quietly acquired clearance from the court and manipulated the media to ensure that it was not disclosed. Another version is that, according to the bail order, Naidu does not require court authorization to go abroad.

Among all of these rumors, TDP's nri cell coordinator komati Jayaram stated on monday that Naidu had traveled to the United States. He maintained Naidu was not coming to the united states at all.
"It has come to my knowledge that there has been media speculation that our dear leader CBN Garu is visiting the united states for health checks. This is false information, and our leader, CBN Garu, is not traveling to the united states," he stated.
However, according to party insiders, Naidu has traveled to the united states and will return by the weekend.
So who is right?

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