Cholesterol attacks in secret..!? Don't ignore these 4 signs..!

High cholesterol Warning Signs: cholesterol is a sticky, waxy substance that helps our body make cells and hormones. It is very important for our bodies. There are generally two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL. LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol because if its level increases in the body, it can cause many health problems. Generally, bad cholesterol attacks our bodies silently. Some of its symptoms can be seen in the body, through which you can know that bad cholesterol has attacked your body.
As the level of bad cholesterol in the body increases, the sticky material in the blood vessels begins to clot. This causes skin rashes. These rashes will appear in our body in any parts.
Yellow spots near the eyes:
If you have yellow spots around your eyes, understand that your cholesterol has increased. When the cholesterol level increases, these spots can reach up to the nose.
Numbness of limbs:
When the level of cholesterol in the body increases, its effect begins to appear in the hands and feet. As cholesterol increases, the blood supply to the hands and feet decreases, due to which they start to go numb. Apart from this, the veins in the affected area start to become discolored and swelling may also occur. Due to this, pain may occur in the arms and legs, and they begin to weaken.


As cholesterol builds up, the arteries begin to clog, preventing blood from reaching many parts of the body. Due to this, dark lines start forming on the nails. Apart from this, the nails become thin and start cracking.

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