For Khalistanis, canada is their paradise...Reason..?

Till now we considered only pakistan responsible for terrorism. pakistan was the only country where indian criminals and terrorists got shelter. However, canada is two steps ahead of this. While pakistan does everything secretly, in canada it happens openly. You can guess this from the fact that there is a Gurudwara in a city named Surrey in the british Columbia province of canada and there is a picture of a terrorist Talwinder Singh Parmar on the wall of this Gurudwara. This picture has been posted since 2021 and has not been removed till now.

Let us tell you, Talwinder Singh Parmar is a terrorist who is considered the messiah of Khalistanis and separatists. Although it has hatched many conspiracies against india, but the attack we are talking about was the biggest terrorist attack in the history of Canada. In fact, in 1985, an air india flight Kanishka flew to New delhi from Montreal airport in Canada. A total of 329 people boarded it, which included 82 children. This plane was to stop in london before reaching delhi, but the plane explodes midway and later the mastermind of this blast is revealed to be Talwinder Singh Parmar. Apart from this, the seed of Khalistan has also been sown in India.

In the 1970s, when the demand for Khalistan was gaining momentum in punjab, Talwinder Singh Parmar reaches canada and arranges funds for Khalistani supporters from there. Along with this, he also forms an organization named Babbar Khalsa International, which is a staunch Khalistani gang. Talwinder Singh Parmar's name figured in most of the murders in punjab in the 80s. However, when he entered india through pakistan in october 1992, he was killed in an encounter with the police.

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