Childhood stress makes people grow up to be irate adults...

The more severe the trauma, the more enraged the adult, according to research, which found that individuals with depression and anxiety who experienced trauma as children frequently grew up to be angry adults. This affects social relationships and mental health in addition to complicating the treatment of depression and anxiety. At the european congress of Psychiatry in Paris, the research was presented.

According to previous studies, more than 40% of patients with anxiety and depression also exhibited a propensity for anger. Only 5% of healthy individuals have this issue, in contrast. The data for the present research were derived from the ongoing netherlands research on Depression and Anxiety, which was designed to examine the development of depression and anxiety disorders over a period of years.

There is surprisingly little study on anger in general, according to lead researcher Nienke De Bles from Leiden university in the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands' research on Depression and Anxiety is a reputable research that has generated a wealth of useful scientific data, little has been done to examine the data on childhood trauma and determine whether it is associated with higher levels of anger. We have now discovered a connection.

We discovered that individuals who were anxious or depressed and had a background of emotional neglect, physical abuse, or psychological abuse were 1.3 to 2 times more likely to experience anger issues. In addition, we discovered that the propensity towards adult rage increased with the degree of childhood trauma. Although we can't prove it, there is an obvious connection between trauma and anger.

Being easily enraged can have a number of negative effects, she added. It may affect your emotional health and well-being and make interpersonal interactions more challenging. However, those who lose their temper easily also have a higher propensity to stop receiving psychiatric treatment, so their odds of having a better life may be diminished.

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