tamil movie love Today was a smashing success. On november 4, it was released, and the tamil community responded enthusiastically. It ultimately turned out to be one of Kollywood's biggest hits this year. A-list producer dil Raju quickly acquired the telugu dubbing rights to it. He predicted that it will also be a huge success in Telugu. The movie had a fantastic opening in the telugu states, as was to be expected. On the first day, it brought in a gross of over Rs 2 crore. pradeep Ranganathan, a director of obscure heroes, has accomplished something very remarkable.

Love Today is succeeding in telugu states, but now it faces a challenge. This Friday, the movie's tamil version will make its Netflix debut (December 2). There is also a formal announcement available. There is no way of altering the date because it is a pre-made arrangement. However, the telugu version won't be offered. However, nowadays, people use subtitles to enjoy movies in all languages. Therefore, when love Today is released on OTT, the majority of viewers may prefer to watch it in the comfort of their own homes.

Industry insiders believe that it might hurt the telugu version's box office performance. The telugu release of love Today was scheduled for november 18. However, because both movies are being released by dil Raju, it was delayed for Masooda. It now faces a difficult challenge: drawing crowds to the movies days before its tamil OTT debut. Let's monitor its performance going forward.

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